Bose SoundTouch 10 WLAN

How many systems can run on my network at the same time?
This depends on the bandwidth of your WLAN. For most private networks, it should be possible to connect up to four systems at the same time wirelessly. For more than four rooms, we recommend using a wired Ethernet connection in some of them.

Can I stream different music into different rooms?
Yes, if you have several SoundTouch® products, you can stream different music in different rooms, listen to the same music in each room, or set up listening zones in which the desired music is played.

Which operating systems are compatible with the SoundTouch® app?
The app is compatible with: Windows® XP, 7, 8, 10; With 64-bit Mac-PCs from OSX 10.6.8 .; With iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices from iOS5 as well as with Android devices from Android 4.03.

Can I play stored music tracks from a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive on SoundTouch® systems?
Yes. SoundTouch® systems are compatible with selected NAS drives, such as Synology’s MyStation ™ and SyncStation ™. This allows you to stream your stored music even when your computer is turned off.

Can I stream FM / AM radio or TV sound from one room to another with SoundTouch® systems?
No. SoundTouch® systems are designed for streaming internet radio, music services such as Spotify or music tapes stored on a computer.

Does the system support Bluetooth®?
Yes. Users can stream music over Bluetooth®-enabled devices, allowing more playback sources to be selected, such as YouTube.

Can I use SoundTouch® to stream music from multiple computers?
Yes, but the SoundTouch® app must be installed on each computer. In this case, each computer is listed separately in the source list of the app.

Does the system have a battery?
No, battery operation is not possible.

Do the systems also support near-field communication (NFC)?
No. SoundTouch® systems support a Bluetooth® connection via the buttons on the device or via the controller app.

Does the system support AirPlay?
No. The current systems no longer support AirPlay. However, the previous generation SoundTouch® 20 and 30 systems are still compatible.

Which acoustic technology is installed in the SoundTouch® 10 music system?
The system is equipped with a transducer which provides the best performance level in its size range. Thanks to its precise alignment, it ensures balanced sound throughout the room. In this way, the system offers an acoustic peak performance that surprises with its compact size.

Can SoundTouch® systems be combined?
Yes. Each of these systems can be combined with another from the product family (both the current series and older ones) to create a cross-space sound network.

Bose SoundTouch 10 WLAN

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