Let your TV sound as good as it looks.

The Bose Solo 5 TV sound system is a one-piece soundbar system with which you can now enjoy all your favorite broadcasts. All dialogs and sound details are clearly displayed. The dialog mode also provides more clarity – so you can understand each word even better. The versatile soundbar system can be placed almost anywhere. And since the system is equipped with integrated Bluetooth® technology, you can also play your favorite music wirelessly over the loudspeaker.

  • One-piece soundbar system ensures the best of all your favorite tunes
  • Dialog mode for clear, comprehensible dialogues in every scene
  • Integrated Bluetooth® for streaming music via mobile, tablet or computer
  • Only one connection to your TV set
  • The universal remote control controls TV, bass, Bluetooth® connections and other functions

Listen to what has escaped you so far

We all enjoy the sleek design of a flat screen TV. Unfortunately, this design leaves little room for loudspeakers. That is why dialogues and quieter film scenes are often difficult to understand. The Solo 5 TV sound system provides a simple solution to this problem. It has advanced technologies for clear sounds that your TV set can not deliver. It also has a dialog mode in which you can easily understand each word without adjusting the volume.

easy installation

“Installation” is actually almost exaggerated. Simply connect the Solo 5 system to your TV (optical, coaxial or analog, in descending preference) via an audio cable. The system automatically detects which audio cable you are using. The Soundbar system is so versatile that you can place it almost anywhere, be it in front of your TV or on a shelf – you can even attach it to the wall.

More power for your bass.

Spectacular shows. Live concerts. Exciting series. There are TV moments in which you do not want to do without a rich bass. No problem – the bass level can be adjusted at will with the bass button on the remote control.

Comprehensive control

With the included remote control, you can control your Blu-ray player as well as your Bluetooth enabled devices and your game console. You can easily use the system and most video sources connected to your TV.



Bose Solo 5 TV sound system

Height: 7,00 cm
Width: 54.80 cm
Depth: 8,60 cm
Weight: 6,35 kg

Remote Control

Height: 10.40 cm
Width: 4,00 cm
Depth: 1.10 cm
Weight: 34.40 g

Input / Output
Optical audio input (digital)
Coaxial input (digital)
3.5 mm AUX input (analog)


Bose® Solo 5 TV sound system
Universal remote Control
power cable
Optical digital audio cable
Coaxial digital audio cable

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System


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